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Diamond sponsorship

(Limited to two company/organization)

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  • One full registration
  • Name and logo in program and on website
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  • 15 m² for company or product presentation
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Sponsors' list

Diamond sponsor

Rauschert Kloster Veilsdorf GmbH / inopor®
Industriestraße 1, 98669 Veilsdorf, Germany

Mr. Tobias Wölfel
Phone: +49 3685 685-227

Rauschert Kloster Veilsdorf GmbH is specialized in the fabrication of technical ceramics. Some of the major products are ceramic membranes, which are sold under the brand name inopor®.

Inopor® manufactures and supplies ceramic membranes for micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration with a multitude of available ceramic materials, shapes and geometries. With a cut off of 200 Da in aqueous systems Inopor currently offers the finest ceramic membranes in industrial large-scale production worldwide.

Gold sponsors

atech innovations gmbh
Am Wiesenbusch 26, 45966 Gladbeck, Germany

Mr. Giovanni Catania
Phone + 49 2043 9434-0

atech innovations gmbh develops and manufactures ceramic membranes for cross-flow microfiltration and ultrafiltration. atech innovations gmbh started in Western Germany in 1989, distributing ceramic membranes. Since 1992 atech has also been very successful on the market as a manufacturer.

atech’s key activities are developing, producing and distributing high-quality ceramic membranes made of aluminum oxide as well as pressure vessels to accommodate the ceramic membranes. atech offers a wide range of standard microfiltration and ultrafiltration solutions close to nanofiltration (5 Da).

Carl-Bosch-Strasse 38, 67056 Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany

Mr. Emiel Kappert
Phone +49 621 60-40425

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The more than 115,000 employees in the BASF Group work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio is organized into five segments: Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil & Gas. BASF generated sales of € 64.5 billion in 2017.


DGMT – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Membrantechnik
Geschäftsstelle am ZWU
Universitätsstr. 2  
45141 Essen, Germany

Mrs Anja Cargill
+49 201 183-4299

The primary objective of the DGMT is the promotion of membrane technology and its application. Among our members from all areas of the membrane industry are many manufactures of ceramic membranes. The association strives to provide its members with networking opportunities to intensify synergies for further development of the membrane technology. By encouraging and enhancing the exchange of knowledge, information and contacts among its members, the DGMT aims to improve collaborations and to optimize existing processes and applications.


E.S.C.H. Engineering Service Center und Handel GmbH
Maxhüttenstraße 19,
07333 Unterwellenborn, Germany

Mr. Daniel Kaulbars
+49 3671 6740-66

The E.S.C.H. GmbH was founded in 1992 to apply existing expertise in pneumatic conveying and environmental technology as well as biological process engineering to develop new processes in order to transfer them to other industrial branches. Since this time the E.S.C.H. GmbH has been commissioning different dosing, injection, absorbing and transportation plants in iron and steel industry especially on blast furnaces. E.S.C.H. GmbH is also linked to a wide range of services in the field of biogas generation up to realisation of turnkey systems. The E.S.C.H. GmbH is the technological leader of treatment of process gases removing mercury and PCDD/PCDF. Profound know-how in plant design and engineering leads to customized solutions and applications in each project.


FCT Ingenieurkeramik GmbH
Gewerbepark 11, 96528 Frankenblick, Germany

Mr. Dr. Karl Berroth
Phone: +49 36766 868-0

FCT Ingenieurkeramik GmbH was found in 1996 and grew continuously, by increasing product portfolio and by doing R+D in materials and processing. With an actual staff of 135 people, we produce components of non-oxide ceramics.

We can do highly rigid and complex components with very narrow tolerances  as prototype or in series production. We supply customized components for following industries:

  • Casthouse industry
  • Metal industry for cold and hot forming
  • Chemical, mechanical and thermal processing industry
  • Electronic, photovoltaic and display industry
  • Aviation and space industry


Keramische Folien GmbH
Koppe-Platz 1
92676 Eschenbach i. d. OPf., Germany

Mr. Roland Friedl
Phone +49 9645 – 88 622

KERAFOL is the specialist on all aspects of technical ceramics and ceramic membranes

Thanks to our decades of experience, advanced process technologies and manufacturing facilities, we are able to supply you with highly technical, top quality products. KERAFOL is an independent producer of ceramic membranes (discs and plates) for filtration and aeration. The membranes are applied in the dynamic cross flow filtration (rotation filtration). High cross flow velocities combined with considerably reduced energy consumption are the main advantages of this high efficient filter technique.


Nanostone Water GmbH
Am Bahndamm 12, 38820 Halberstadt,  Germany

Mr. Christian Goebbert
Phone +49 3941 5843-16

Nanostone water is a membrane manufacturing company with a unique technology for nanoparticle ceramic coatings and a patented ceramic membrane module design. A tight pore size distribution in the ultrafiltration range with high strength and high water permeability and the design of the Nanostone CM-151TM ceramic ultrafilter (UF) membrane module allow an optimum performance for water and waste water treatment applications. The ceramic manufacturing operations and research center is located in Halberstadt, Germany.


ProcessNet - eine Initiative von DECHEMA und VDI·GVC
c/o DECHEMA e.V.
Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25
60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Mr. Dr. Andreas Förster
Phone +49 69 7564-409

ProcessNet is the German platform for process engineering, chemical engineering and industrial chemistry. It provides a meeting place for more than 5,000 members from science, industry and administration to exchange experience, discuss current issues and identify new scientific trends. ProcessNet is a joint initiative of DECHEMA and VDI-GVC.


Saint-Gobain IndustrieKeramik Rödental GmbH
Oeslauer Straße 35, 96472 Rödental, Germany

Mr. Andreas J. Hoh
Phone +49 9563 724-187

With more than 350 years of experience, Saint Gobain is a worldwide leader in manufacturing of high performance refractories made of SiC. In addition to our traditional markets, our new application areas also include liquid filtration.

CRYSTAR® membranes are made of a multilayer membrane and a carrier material featuring high porosity and large pores, that provide an excellent water permeability. Compared to other membrane materials, CRYSTAR® offers several advantages.

Shell Global Solutions International BV




TAMI Deutschland GmbH
Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 2–4, 07629 Hermsdorf, Germany

Mr. Bernd Ruschel
Phone +49 36601 210574

Innovative ceramic tubular membranes

TAMI Group as a worldwide leading company for inorganic membranes specializes in the development and production of ceramic tubular membranes for cross flow micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration of liquid media. As largest subsidiary of TAMI Industries, TAMI Deutschland is in charge of producing macro porous membrane supports and the sales of TAMI products Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. Main applications for the membranes are filtration and separation processes in the food and beverage industry, chemical process engineering, biotechnology and waste water treatment. TAMI’s standard products are multi-channel membranes with non-circular channel geometrie.